Lami glue Powerful

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Lami glue Powerful

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Glue Balm Powerful by Lami Lashes


Introducing the new upgraded formulation of the iconic Glue Balm.


The Glue Balm POWERFUL by Lami Lashes is as the name suggests; a more potent, stronger hold formula that is specially designed to work with stubborn, downward growing lashes.


This glue balm is a must have for all lash lift aestheticians, who now have the capability to cater to any lash type from the most delicate to the stiffest, while maintaining signature characteristics of the original formula.


This adhesive offers an unprecedented level of strength and reliability, effortlessly wrapping eyelashes on the shield. Enriched with the staple blend of Argan, Jojoba, and Avocado oils, these ingredients will penetrate into the lashes, providing deep hydration, eliminating the need to remove excess glue. Since the glue does not fully dry, the lashes can be reworked on endlessly for a result that reaches perfection.


The Glue Balm Powerful is now available in 2 distinct scents- classic Peach, and a new refreshing scent, Melon, both sharing the same formula, with the fragrance being the only key difference.


Scents: Peach (Pink), Melon (Orange)

Size: 20 ml

Usage: 100-150 applications






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Melon, Pêche


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